Our Chef recommends:

  • Ladenia bread with pesto of sundried tomato, artichoke pate, grilled vegetables and feta cheese

  • Salad with penne pasta, seasonal vegetable and herbal cream cheese sauce

  • Open sandwich with round bun (wheat or whole grain) with smoked ham, salami, Tinos graviera, tomato, lettuce and spicy mayo (served with potato chips)

* WE COOK WITH EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Olive oil is the core of Mediterranean cuisine, hence we feel proud to cook with "Elisson" Premium extra virgin olive oil which is an authentic Greek product from the Kryoneri village, Korinthia, Peloponnese. Produced in small quantities from fresh, unripe organic olives that are pressed at a temperature under 25°C, just a few hours after harvesting, "Elisson" olive oil is a healthy product, characterized by pleasant fragrances, given by the special micro-climate and the flora of the olive grove. Its rich taste accompanies all our dishes harmoniously and offers a refined gastronomic delight.

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