Tinos is an island with inspiring elements in which to apply your Yoga skills; Authenticity, Peacefulness, Energy and Light. 
Diles & Rinies Villas Resort offers a relaxing ambience. It overlooks Dilos, the birthplace of Apollo, the mythological God of light and the sun who was also associated with healing. Attend a group class, or follow your own program, or even organize a workshop. We can also help you plan your yoga meals with our cuisine restaurant by the main pool. We find spring and fall as ideal periods for Yoga, as the weather is very nice and not too hot.

Escape the city 
Are you tired from busy life, daily routine and you need a break? 
Are you thinking of escaping the city? 
Diles & Rinies provides an ideal path to rejuvenation; Quality accommodation, breathtaking views, a relaxing ambience full of energy and light, and the beauty of nature, all invite you to a holistic adventure… 
Our fitness partners of skilled dieticians, trainers, yoga instructors and chefs introduce you to customized programs that may include healthy meals, exercise, yoga, massage sessions, various activities and local events that will help you get your body back in shape and obtain a sense of balance, harmony and health.

Personal Care 
Enjoy a massage, facial/body treatments, manicures/pedicures and hairdressing services, all provided on request.


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